Shift Work Education & Training

Our workshops & conference presentations help staff adapt to shift work and managers better manage fatigue risks.

Our programs will help:

  • Decrease absenteeism, sickness, staff turnover, injury & accident costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve employee work satisfaction to make you the preferred employer
  • Improve health & safety & contribute to lower workers compensation & disability costs

Program Package Options

Hiring & Placement

Hiring questionnaire:"Shift Work - Are You Ready?" that assesses experience, knowledge & coping ability of shift work candidates.

Employees - "The Successful Shiftworker".

Designed for shift workers & families, we cover what they need to know to adapt to shift work & what they & their families need to know to mutually manage the demands of a shift work lifestyle including:

  • Shift work, fatigue, alertness & sleep
  • Shift work health, safety & social issues
  • Effective family communications & support
  • Enhancing sleep & applying napping
  • Diet & exercise strategies

Managers - Managing 24/7 operations

  • Understanding the impact of shift work on employee performance, safety & bottomline costs
  • Identifying fatigue risks
  • Implementing work schedules to achieve employee buy-in & protect operational output & safety
  • Advising managers on dealing with their own fatigue issues

Train the Trainer Training material can be adapted to meet the literacy levels of diverse workforce


One easy to use safety and wellness tool - the leading science based way for companies, employees & families to manage safety and shift work lifestyle

We have developed unique lifestyle planners (24/7 work adaptation guidance tools) that are customised to, and designed around, employees 'actual work patterns. Our planners:

  1. Flag roster-based fatigue zones
  2. Enable employees to manage fatigue risks of their actual work patterns. Our tools recommend appropriate use and timing of top coping strategies typically covered in good 24/7 lifestyle training

Coupling 10 top shift work adaptive strategies' use and timing to actual work schedules helps ensure employees' ongoing capacity to effectively and easily manage 24/7 lifestyle. This eliminates their guess work on use of training.

The combination of 1 & 2 equips employees with fatigue management awareness and ongoing real time means to adjust to their actual work schedules. The planners, which may be used to supplement class room training or on a stand-alone basis, come in two formats:

  • Family Lifestyle Planner (single page wall calendar like format): Enables worker and family members to see at a glance the work/rest roster cycle for one year and the suggested use and timing of coping strategies.
  • Pocket Planner: Enables the worker to readily access this information throughout his/her duty period.